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    Shari Barman



    President, Barman International Enterprises, Ltd.

    President, Women In Sports, Inc.

    President, Barman Management Company


    1974-1993: Consultant to Sportsways Management, a management firm based in Beverly Hills, as on-site Tournament Coordinator and Player Liaison for the Japan Invitational-Gunze World Tennis.

    1982-1991: Director of Operations for Virginia Slims Series/Virginia Slims Tennis events worldwide. This position assured compliance with contracts on-site at Virginia Slims events as well as implemented on-site special projects and promotions.

    1988: Created, developed and co-authored the Virginia Slims Tennis Procedures Manual for Philip Morris U.S.A. The manual encompassed every aspect of the domestic and international Virginia Slims Tennis program including operations, public relations internal procedures, graphics, etc.

    1983: Public Relations representative for Virginia Slims Tennis on the Spring and Fall European circuits of the Virginia Slims World Championship Series. The position required working with local media in Italy, Germany, France and Great Britain, as well as coordinating with international media via Philip Morris U.S.A. based in New York; setting up and operating Virginia Slimstat computer system at each tournament; working with tournament players and officials in a number of PR related capacities…e.g., media interviews and appearances, media parties in France, Wimbledon party, etc.

    1982-1983: Tournament Operations Director for the WTA Championships in Amelia Island, Florida.

    1980-1981: Tournament Manager for the Murjani WTA Championships in Amelia Island, Florida.

    1978-1980: Colgate Series Field Service Director…a position best described as an overall liaison between the Colgate Palmolive Company, the major sponsor, and the individual tournament promoters, directors, sponsors, players and press of Colgate Series Events, of which there were 44 each year – domestic and international.

    1979: Player Liaison for Colgate Series Championships in Washington D.C.

    1979: Assistant Tournament Manager of the WTC Invitational at Forest Hills, New York.

    1978: Promotions Coordinator for the Colgate Series Championships in Washington D.C.

    1977: Tournament Promoter and Director of a major women's tennis tournament in San Antonio, Texas.

    1977: Created and produced the International Tennis Information Guide.

    1977: Co-founded Women In Tennis, a division of Women In Sports, Inc., organized to supplement careers of professional tennis players by providing exhibitions, appearances, tournaments and endorsements.

    1977: Co-founded Women In Sports, Inc., a management firm based in Beverly Hills, California.

    1974-1978: Part owner of the Los Angeles Strings franchise of World Team Tennis.

    1974: Player and PR representative of the Minnesota Buckskins World Team Tennis team.

    1974: Co-founder of the original World Team Tennis.

    1973-1975: Member of the Women's Tennis Association Board of Directors.

    1971-1977: Professional tennis player on the Virginia Slims and Women's Tennis Association circuits.

    1967-1971: Assistant tennis professional to Alex Olmedo ant the Beverly Hills Hotel.


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